Personal Essay & Memoir

Naomi writes personal essay and memoir about her journey in and out of the LDS Mormon religion.

Naomi, age 4.

Naomi, age 4.

Fourth grade self-portrait.

Fourth grade self-portrait.

First year teaching middle school.

First year teaching middle school.

Hiking in Utah’s Wasatch Mountains.

Hiking in Utah’s Wasatch Mountains.

With students at University of La Verne commencement.

With students at University of La Verne commencement.

2017 Women’s March in Salt Lake City.

2017 Women’s March in Salt Lake City.

Essays in books

"Plan A," in Baring Witness: 36 Mormon Women Talk Candidly about Love, Sex, and Marriageedited by Holly Welker, University of Illinois Press, July 2016.

Essays on the web

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